Friday, 21 April 2017

Mum Bashing

Happy Friday :)

"You know she doesn't drink and actually enjoys getting the playdoh out" "Ughh, perfect mum weirdo"
As a facebook user and follower of numerous mummy blogs I have recently become a little irked. I may be justified, over sensitive or simply turning into a grumpy old woman with a failing sense of humour. You be the judge and let me know. I'd love to hear what you think.

It's great that we are more open and honest about how life with kids isn't all a bed of roses and that it's ok to feel unsure, pissed off and fed up. Mummy blogs truly help many many mums and dads to see they aren't alone and how they are feeling is totally normal, which is fantastic. I have laughed out loud, nodded along in appreciation, picked up tips and felt better knowing that I have numerous unknown companions in the world experiencing the many challenges of parenting along with me.

A battle that most parents experience at one time or another, bedtime (shudder)
Undoubtedly a very popular, if not the winning formula is the portrayal of a mum on the edge, sporting a well stocked drinks cabinet with a baby/toddler who lives to make their life a misery. Which I totally get because reading about a child sensibly eating their dinner or going to bed nicely is not remotely as interesting or funny as a toddler re designing the kitchen with spag bol.

toddlers behaving badly

This middle finger up to old school expectations coupled with an honest, unapologetic and unwavering voice is refreshing and needed. However, recently I've noticed a certain amount of 'Perfect Mum' bashing accompanying this. That same hand of friendship doesn't seem to extend to the mum who doesn't suffer depression, the mum who's baby sleeps through the night, the mum who looks a million dollars at the school gate, the mum who enjoys doing crafts. No, instead these mums, with a sneer are labelled as the 'Perfect Mum'.

Perfect example :(
The 'Perfect Mum' is ridiculed, viewed as a show off, seen to be gloating. Which is totally bizarre. We should be celebrating and applauding the highs with the same warmth and enthusiasm that we give compassion and sympathy to the mums struggling with the lows.

So I urge my fellow bloggers to cut a little slack to the mums who appear have their shit fully together and who's family life mirrors an episode of the Walton's. Every mum deserves support and kindness, whether she is seemingly 'perfect' or not... I am the mum