Friday, 4 November 2016

Here's to You!

Happy Friday :)

We tend to play down our achievements. On receiving praise we blush and can be heard uttering nonsense such as "It's nothing" and "I'm just lucky". We're quick to blame ourselves when things don't go to plan but not so quick to congratulate ourselves when things turn out nicely. We find it to easy to discuss what's bugging us but talking about the good feels like boasting.


We focus on what we haven't done, things we haven't got, words we shouldn't have said. We beat ourselves up about the bad, forgetting about the good. Take a minute. Think about what you feel lucky to have in your life. Then feel proud. You work hard to be all that you are and all that you have. A happy home. A good job. A content baby. A great circle of friends... Whatever it may be you've created the world you live in. Don't be giving all the glory to lady luck.

Continual selfless acts of kindness. Those were my chips.
Some aspects of life are out of our control but most of it isn't. Our choices, sacrifices and compromises ultimately shape our lives. Lets recognise and celebrate that fact. Here's to You!

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