Friday, 18 November 2016

Working Mum Confession

Happy Friday :)

hot drinks all around

Working mum v Stay at home mum is up there with the pointless comparison of Breast feeding v Bottle feeding. Each holds it's own merits. Whatever team you camp in the clue is in the title. Everyone is a 'mum' and everyone is 'feeding'. Big up to all mums. Nuff said.

The right choice for me is being a working mum. I could say I made this decision as I like that my boys see both parents bringing home the bacon or that interacting with others from an early age helps develop their social skills. All of which I believe to be true. But the driving force behind me being a working mum is because I simply want to be.

I enjoy turning my brain off from 'mum mode'. Depending on the type of morning drop offs the solitary commute to work is at worst pleasant and at best amazing. Once at work I'm actually able to get things done.  I can visit the loo, alone.  Enjoy a hot drink without having to microwave it three times.  Finish a conversation AND remember what was said. Essentially, I'm in control of my day.

Being away makes me a better mum. My patience is renewed. My enthusiasm for play doh is revived. My tether is rewound. My tolerance for Mr Tumble is restored. My composure is refreshed. I think you get the idea.

I reckon I'd be a terrible SAHM and can imagine becoming unintentionally resentful. Meanly making voodoo dolls of my escaping husband. Getting frustrated that my toddler isn't down with getting through the daily to do list. Seeing my patience deteriorate. Feeling my enthusiasm for play doh slip away. Having murderous thoughts about Mr Tumble. I'd be pitching a 5.30pm bedtime and quite possibly turn into an alcoholic.

Sorry Tumble

I make no apologies loving being a working mum. But I also respect and if I wore a hat would take it off to stay at home mums. One thing that unites us all is the much deserved glass of Friday night vino :)

Friday, 11 November 2016

There was a girl who became a mum

Happy Friday :)


There was a girl who became a mum
 she pondered what her life had become
Once so simple, easy, carefree
was now full of snot, soft play and cold tea
Her children were sweet, lovely and fun
but when acting crazy could make her glum
Entertainer, nurse, teacher and cook
everything to everyone, all her energy it took

Her brain hurt from thinking the whole damn time
so by Thursday (sometimes Wednesday) she needed wine
Planning this, planning that
 Birthdays, Christmas, the school Easter hat

Her face had aged over time
but she liked to call them laughter lines
Nails and hair took a back seat
hard skin and unpolished toenails replaced manicured feet
Her favourite night out was now staying in
too knackered to party, is that a sin?
Pyjamas, slippers, hot chocolate and a book
took the place of lace undies, high heels and a....
Her wish list was simple nothing too deep
just eight lovely hours of undisturbed sleep  
 A peaceful shower, unaccompanied trip to the loo
a leisurely meal out with no highchairs in view
Her hardest critic was by far herself 
was she the only mother who couldn't be arsed with Elf on a Shelf?
The time she forgot her eldest's gloves and hat
or the goodbye kiss on the nursery mat

Her guilt never ended from day to night
was she enough, did she do enough, did she do it right?
Time away doing her own thing
made her feel bad, well at least for a min.

Her thoughts knew that in no time at all
those little children would soon be tall
These moments fondly reminisced
and toddler times sadly missed

Her life is different now a mother
but she wouldn't trade it for any other
There's no place on earth she'd rather be
than Mummy of the family tree


Friday, 4 November 2016

Here's to You!

Happy Friday :)

We tend to play down our achievements. On receiving praise we blush and can be heard uttering nonsense such as "It's nothing" and "I'm just lucky". We're quick to blame ourselves when things don't go to plan but not so quick to congratulate ourselves when things turn out nicely. We find it to easy to discuss what's bugging us but talking about the good feels like boasting.


We focus on what we haven't done, things we haven't got, words we shouldn't have said. We beat ourselves up about the bad, forgetting about the good. Take a minute. Think about what you feel lucky to have in your life. Then feel proud. You work hard to be all that you are and all that you have. A happy home. A good job. A content baby. A great circle of friends... Whatever it may be you've created the world you live in. Don't be giving all the glory to lady luck.

Continual selfless acts of kindness. Those were my chips.
Some aspects of life are out of our control but most of it isn't. Our choices, sacrifices and compromises ultimately shape our lives. Lets recognise and celebrate that fact. Here's to You!