Friday, 12 August 2016

Why you can't camp without Alcohol

Happy Friday :)

Socks over Jeggins with trainers #camping!
Camping is essentially a bit weird. If you're going or thinking of going take three times as much alcohol as you think you'll need. Feeling a bit squiffy is definitely advantageous to help you forget that;

  • You're sleeping in an unlockable Nylon box in a field (usually on a massive slant) which alternates between varying states of wet, damp, boiling and freezing. Every sound and sneeze can be heard so fingers crossed you don't get camped near any snorers, shaggers or sheep which bleat through the night.
Ours was the 'compact' one. Our friends had a lounge area. Tent Envy!!
  • You're sitting in a field with a blanket covering your legs. Eating an exclusive diet of crisps, sausages & toasted marshmallows. This can be avoided if you leave the kids at home as you'll then be in a nearby pub eating real food, drinking out of a glass and feeling warm.
Nursing home here I come

  • You're a disgrace. Before making your way to the shower block the following morning you chatted away with sleepy dog breath, unkept hair and panda eyes still dressed in either all your clothes from the day before or a onesie. It's the law that when camping you have to wear one item of clothing continuously. I chose socks on this trip #lesswashing 
Daytime hoodie, nightime Pyjama top

Instead, with the magic of alcohol you believe you're embracing the outdoors, letting go of technology (that is after you've checked in on facebook, instagramed a few pics and snappy chatted) and getting back to basics. To a degree it is all those things but most importantly the kids love it and let's face it when they're happy we're happy!

Ps. We visited Barn Farm Campsite in Matlock and it was a brilliant site for families, definitely recommend it :)


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