Friday, 17 June 2016

More Arse-ing About Please!

Happy Friday :)
An arse-ing about Montage

I border on obsessive about having a plan and everything running to plan. I feel panicked when people want to make loose arrangements. Using words such as 'around' 'maybe' and 'probably'. Just like my working week I have a Friday-Sunday to do list. I dislike disruptions and spontaneous alterations. However, a few experiences of late have given me hope that I may be, just may be learning how to go with the flow.

One Friday my husband arrived home early. As the sun was shining he suggested we all go to the pub for tea. I could see the glint in his eye, challenging words to a woman who plans each evenings meal a week in advance. I forcibly clamped my mouth shut, banished away the image of defrosted chicken and ignored the uneasy feeling creeping over me. With a strained smile I took a deep breath and heard myself saying "yes that would be nice". It was nice and we had the chicken the next day.

Last bank holiday weekend I had a vague plan but had to keep it on the low so my husband wouldn't cotton on as he does have a tendency to rebel. A mix of domestic chores, family time and a curry night out with friends, perfect. Facebook was over run with families checking in and selfie pics of car journeys. A day out with a 5 year old is easy. Chuck a 20 month old into the mix and it can be hard. Chuck a busy bank holiday into the equation and it's tears before bedtime, not only for the kids. So we opted for staying home in the garden. At the time it made me feel a bit mean and tight as surely we should be going somewhere? Anywhere? After speaking with friends who did venture out the reality of the 'are we nearly there yet?' car journey, no parking spaces, no eating spaces, queues, queues and more queues, crying toddlers strapped into pushchairs, laughing toddlers running away made me feel quite clever for going Nowhere.

Last Saturday I didn't even have a plan. It felt like one of those lost 24 hours of your life in between Christmas and New Year. Breakfast was a continual graze which then merged into lunch at 11.30 when the kids spotted some leftover pizza. To be fair I wasn't going to give them this, well not cold anyway but that's how they wanted it, who am I to intervene. Morning Activities for my 5 yr old consisted of watching the Ipad, watching the Ipad and watching the Ipad. While my 20 month old enjoyed unrestrained access to the kitchen tupperware draw. Mid morning we moved on to emptying a bits and bob toy box all over the lounge floor. Trying on comedy glasses, throwing balls and generally arse-ing around. By noon I thought I should get dressed. By this time I was really embracing the relaxed vibe so I showered and chucked on my 'staying in' comfy clothes. 2.30pm en route to my parents I realised that I hadn't yet brushed my teeth, ooops.

So while I reckon it is important to make the most of each moment and live life to the full. I've come to realise that not all moments need to be the most, sometimes the least is best. It's good to have a little time without a plan and essentially arse about. Lunch on a sun lounger and PJ's till midday, I think my kids would like me to have quite a few more of these days too!


  1. Wow Vik steady on girl I don't recognise you 😆😆😆. Brill article as per xx

  2. Wow Vik steady on girl I don't recognise you 😆😆😆. Brill article as per xx