Friday, 6 May 2016

Tour de Yorkshire & Double Double Trouble

Happy Friday :)

After watching the Tour de Yorkshire pass through our local streets I've decided I want to change jobs. Not to a professional cyclist, but a member of the following entourage. I believe I have the right skill set; able to drive and toot a horn. I already have the required tools; sunglasses. I definitely possess the personal attributes; enthusiastic wave & intermittent smile. I believe the only training I would need would be to master different tooting combinations. Possibly my weakness would be having to stick behind the bikes for all those miles. As only having to follow two cyclists for more than two hundred yards can make me twitch...

Having friends to stay over the bank holiday weekend doubled the amount of children in the house. Good job I secretly love a temporary state of craziness. Interaction between the two 5 year olds consisted of a mish mash of; Serious nonsensical debates about everything and anything. Inventing names for everyone linked to anything connected to poo, farting or bums (eg. Daddy Bum Bum). Pre bathtime excitement of pure innocence. "Lets get naked" they announce dancing around in their pants. My eldest advises "that's not naked, you need to take your pants off" Bathtime mischievousness. Eye off the ball moment results in the loo roll finding it's way in to the bath and subsequently both children emerging (looking very pleased with themselves) in slimy bits of white paper.*  Post bathtime complaints. "I don't like his willy" she confides. Boasting about the things they can do. My eldest sticks up his middle finger (wrong way round) then does the same with his two middle fingers (entirely incorrect) to proudly demonstrate his knowledge of combinations of 'swearing fingers'. Proud mum moment. The younger two (19 months & 23 months) have considerably less interaction, arguably only when they accidently happen upon each other. Their exchanges are brief, to the point and very much like a silent slapstick show. My little one enthusiastically tries to kiss his female counterpart open mouthed with his tounge hanging out. (We find this rather funny so encourage more kisses & cuddles) Her looking appalled, shaking her head to the point of it falling off and rebucking his amourous advances with a swift push to the face. Grappling with a sweeping brush, both have an impressive hold which looks like they are dancing. Until they start squealing and face slapping each other that is. This is repeated with numerous toys/household appliances. Distraction and offerings of food are used to defuse each situation. As they have a memory like a goldfish this works rather well.

Monday morning we bid our farewells. As soon as the door closes, the house seems so quiet, which is nice but also a little sad. Although I couldn't sustain that level of chaos there is something lovely about a house full of people. Bustling, busy, life brimming over the edge that makes you feel alive and energised. Well till about 6.30pm anyhow ;) Here's to double double trouble, when's the next visit???

*this bathtime caper brought a long forgotten childhood memory into my head of wet toilet paper and ceilings. I wonder if the ceilings of bogs at school are still decorated in this fashion....

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