Friday, 22 April 2016

The Need for Sleep

Happy Friday :)

Last Saturday evening I got into bed with my cuppa and stolen child's Easter egg feeling satisfied and smug. The last thing to do was complete the following mornings carboot and kaboom, all done. Possibly jinxed myself on allowing this premature congratulation....
Seconds after falling asleep my eldest child woke crying because he had a runny nose. It took 45 minutes to cajole him back into bed whilst keeping my cool as he wouldn't let me do anything to make the situation better. All very stressful but hey, midnight and I'm back in bed. Awake on dummy run at 1.10am, 1.45am, 2.15am, 2.45am and then up till 3.15am due to my youngest gnashers. All in a days (actually nights) work as a parent. 5.25am alarm goes off-yippee. Tired but the thought of not sorting the kids breakfast, earning some dosh from our junk and ticking off the final to do of the weekend is spurring me on. 6.30am queuing patiently to set up my paste table. I've got my strange tasting travel mug coffee, the sun is shining, all is good. Finally I'm next in, the high vis man has other plans; 'sorry love, it's full'. I stare at him in disbelief. I propose to him he's joking but he confirms he's not. Mind racing, I suggest that I could set up on the pavement opposite. He suggests that this could/would result in me being arrested. Ummmm, a few hours in a cell of alone time.... 9.30am and I've been home 2 hours. After reminding my husband that he needs to keep his beady eye on the little one while I write the shopping list he suggests that I photocopy my list each week. This causes me to announce that I'm off to bed and he can revert back to plan A as I wasn't supposed to be here ANYWAY. 10.50am not sure I slept but feel better. The house is quiet...youngest sleeping, eldest watching TV, result. I take this opportunity to write my list and empty the carbootie crap back into the garage. 12.15pm start lunch for kiddies and begin to feel uneasy about the afternoon ahead. Kinda forgotten that whilst the husband is out biking I've both children to entertain with stingy eyes and zero energy. 12.30pm eldest flatly refuses to eat lunch and decides screaming while running round the house about his runny nose is the best course of action. 1pm husband rides off. 1.30pm consider my options, I need to go to the supermarket but my eldest is still in his PJ's sporadically crying about his runny nose. Opt 1/Force him into clothes, car then supermarket. Opt 2/Text sis-in-law to see if she can come over while I go. No joy with opt 2 so freezer tea it is. 3.15pm while youngest and eldest excitedly trash youngest's bedroom I get some ironing done. 4pm husband arrives back home to eldest screaming/crying about his runny nose.
Our household isn't normally like that. I usually have the skills, wit and patience to combat my boisterous, mischievous boys. Take away my sleep and that's the result, disarmed and totally owned by a 1 and 5 yr old. Scary to think that's all it takes, lets hope they don't catch on to my need for sleep.

Outside playing in my PJ's and mums too knackered to care, la la la la la la


  1. This had me chuckling all the way through. I feel your pain. Lack of sleep is the devil. Lol

  2. �� hummmm this seems to sound a little familiar! Can't believe you got to go back to bed!?!

  3. The pain oh the pain of young children #onethingaboutgettingolderthatisntallthatbad😆😆

  4. Yeah...I am a mega bitch when I'm tired. Which is basically the whole time... The absolute worst time to be woken up is just after you've fallen asleep - I hate that!
    *solidarity salute*
    Thanks for joining #chucklemums

  5. Aaaaaand bang, there goes Sunday! Being middle aged and chained to a family of deviants sucks. Thanks for linking to #chucklemums :-)