Friday, 1 April 2016

The Gift of Experience

Happy Friday :)

Lovely week off work so an over indulgent post on the kiddiewinks.

When our first child reached around 2.5 years old and some sense of normality had started to resume, our thoughts turn to how we wanted our family to progress. As work hard, play hard people we loved our little boy, being parents and all that it brings but we also valued our own lives as individuals and a couple not just being a mummy and daddy. After countless conversations each one never resulting in a definite answer we agreed to let nature decide and here we are with two amazing sons. When I gave birth to our second son my husband said "I'm so glad we decided on a number two, I feel like our family is now complete" So in hindsight having our second bundle of joy was definitely the right move for us. The most unexpected part that I cherish on a daily basis is being able to be a mum with the precious gift of experience.

Your first baby will always be very special. First pregnancy test, first doctors appointment, first scan, first congratulations. The preparation stage is lovely as you leisurely browse the baby shops, cat nap, indulge in lazy weekends whilst imagining meeting your new bundle of joy. Day dreaming about the exciting life changing adventure that lies ahead. As a new mum I spent much of my first year anxious, searching for reasons, answers, feeling elated then deflated, winning then losing. My new 'job' was the most important I'd ever had but which I was the least qualified, with no previous experience just unconditional love and enthusiasm (most of the time). I used Google possibly 50+ times a day, argued with my mum that 1-3pm was 3 hrs and constantly questioned my decisions leaving me a good 70% of the time feeling out of my depth and unsure.

Second time round and I felt totally different. Here I was again but this time qualified with experience and most importantly, confident I could do the job. Although the preparation stage isn't quite as magical, those lovely lazy weekends, cat naps and leisurely browses are long gone. But you have the one golden nugget, piece de resistance that new mums don't, experience. Seventeen months in and for me this time round as been a much more happier, relaxed and enjoyable affair. I've barely been in touch with google. I know the tricks of the trade and that when the teething starts it will end. I cherish each moment even those that at the time don't seem so kind because I know it won't last forever. So if you're contemplating your next step after your first take comfort that you've done the hard slog. Second time round you'll refer back to your own top tips, armed with the gift of experience you too can be a SSTM (Smug Second Time Mum)

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