Friday, 8 April 2016

Talk to Me & Dry Knees

Happy Friday :)

'Sales' can conjure up thoughts of pushy, untrustworthy, do what they can to get the deal people. Sadly there are still people like that. There is another side to sales though, the side I'd like to think I'm on. To be a good, long lasting sales person you need to be organised, self motivated and thick skinned. I'm simply a people person who genuinely likes to help others. Finding new business is one of the most rewarding but one of the trickest tasks. Getting through the minefield of resistance. No name policies, send an email, said person being asked if they're there and them saying no (duh) may put some off but it only makes me try harder to reach the unreachable. It took me two years to get one client to start using the hotel. When they did they said how glad they were. Take the call, that sales person may just have something that can benefit you.

I got to thinking of some of the things that I have to live with at the moment. These are just a few of the unexpected ones;
Dry Knees. After several times of waxing paper getting stuck to said area the beautician suggested I shave my knees. We concurred this was a by product of lack of me time. More precisely no lazy bubble baths.
Re microwaved drinks. I have a no more than 3 times rule, after that its down the sink.
Behind the times. I've never been a follower of fashion so that remains the same. However pre children I did enjoy a good TV series. True blood, Walking Dead, Modern Family loved them but I now live in a time warp were they are all frozen at series 3.
Feeling vulnerable. Stories of abuse, missing children, freak accidents, illnesses turn me into a blubbering wreck. Thoughts of how I would cope (or more realistically wouldn't) take hold.
A comforting thought is in three years time (ish) bubble baths will return, I'll catch up on all the TV snuggled up with a warm drink. I know however that as my little boys change to big boys, big boys to teenagers and teenagers to men my vulnerability will always remain. It will be interesting however to see what unexpected things I have to live with....

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