Friday, 15 April 2016

Grumpy Old Woman & Arrrghhh Moment

Happy Friday :)

As I listen to the office girls complain 'I'm so tired, I can't wait to get home tonight, I didn't sleep well' I keep quiet. Previously I would roll my eyes, snort (yes actually snort) and trot out the line 'You don't know what tired is' then proceed to reel off my after work time line of mum, boring grown up duties and occasional middle of the night activity. Looking totally unimpressed and uninterested the girls would roll their eyes back at me and simply say 'You chose to have kids'. Ouch, harsh but true. Rather than become the grumpy old woman I decided to sit back and wait... Now my time has come, we have a baby due!!! Congratulations my dear young co-worker, you chose to have kids!! Hee Hee

#Arrrghhh Moment
My youngest has developed a love of our dustpan and brush. This has now progressed into a love of watching me use it. He obviously feels I don't use it enough. He's started to create new opportunities for the dustpan and brush to be needed. Mainly throwing soil all over the kitchen floor so I decided to let him take charge after the 50th time

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