Friday, 29 April 2016


Happy Friday :)

This week I have been beyond excited (nearly as much as my 2 yr old when he found a snail) and extremely nervous at the thought of putting my blog 'out there'. Since the start of March I have been happily talking to myself in cyber space. However as it's good to share and nice to have some company here I am.

This led me to reflect that pre kiddie life, everyday occurrences I took for granted are now lovely treats and a great cause of excitement.  *Yes I know ladies.
A full night of uninterrupted sleep- this does occasionally occur. On waking the first feeling of surprise is quickly followed with nervous unease. Once it is confirmed that all is well what a joyous moment to saviour.
Enjoying a weekend lie in- Sadly my children have not yet grasped weekend etiquette. Disturbingly I now class 7am as a lie in. Annoyingly my youngest brings my dressing gown and slippers to signal my snuggle time has expired.
Driving in the car with the music full blast- I take the opportunity to do this whenever I'm alone. Aged 35+ in a Seat Leon (eco model) displaying a 'Cheeky Monkey on Board' sign I'm not the usual base shaking car type. My co workers were highly amused when I pulled up to the office window in said state. I think they just presumed I was having a breakdown.
Having a leisurely shower- Showering is now a frantic, multitasking affair. My youngest now realises that I don't want him dipping his hands in the toilet, emptying the bin, eating soap, unravelling the toilet roll, climbing up the radiator but as Mummy is wet and naked game on.....
Getting yourself ready and out of the house (alone)-There are good days and bad days, thankfully more good but by god the bad ones are just awful. My eldest has generously tried out all of these on me, sometimes all together or mixed and matched depending on the mood...Shoe throwing, sock hiding, clothes too small, clothes too big, labels scratching, toothpaste burning, you get the idea. Coupled with screaming and crying makes for a nice relaxing way to start the day.

Hey ho, wouldn't life be boring without kids to disrupt it ;)

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