Friday, 29 April 2016


Happy Friday :)

This week I have been beyond excited (nearly as much as my 2 yr old when he found a snail) and extremely nervous at the thought of putting my blog 'out there'. Since the start of March I have been happily talking to myself in cyber space. However as it's good to share and nice to have some company here I am.

This led me to reflect that pre kiddie life, everyday occurrences I took for granted are now lovely treats and a great cause of excitement.  *Yes I know ladies.
A full night of uninterrupted sleep- this does occasionally occur. On waking the first feeling of surprise is quickly followed with nervous unease. Once it is confirmed that all is well what a joyous moment to saviour.
Enjoying a weekend lie in- Sadly my children have not yet grasped weekend etiquette. Disturbingly I now class 7am as a lie in. Annoyingly my youngest brings my dressing gown and slippers to signal my snuggle time has expired.
Driving in the car with the music full blast- I take the opportunity to do this whenever I'm alone. Aged 35+ in a Seat Leon (eco model) displaying a 'Cheeky Monkey on Board' sign I'm not the usual base shaking car type. My co workers were highly amused when I pulled up to the office window in said state. I think they just presumed I was having a breakdown.
Having a leisurely shower- Showering is now a frantic, multitasking affair. My youngest now realises that I don't want him dipping his hands in the toilet, emptying the bin, eating soap, unravelling the toilet roll, climbing up the radiator but as Mummy is wet and naked game on.....
Getting yourself ready and out of the house (alone)-There are good days and bad days, thankfully more good but by god the bad ones are just awful. My eldest has generously tried out all of these on me, sometimes all together or mixed and matched depending on the mood...Shoe throwing, sock hiding, clothes too small, clothes too big, labels scratching, toothpaste burning, you get the idea. Coupled with screaming and crying makes for a nice relaxing way to start the day.

Hey ho, wouldn't life be boring without kids to disrupt it ;)

Friday, 22 April 2016

The Need for Sleep

Happy Friday :)

Last Saturday evening I got into bed with my cuppa and stolen child's Easter egg feeling satisfied and smug. The last thing to do was complete the following mornings carboot and kaboom, all done. Possibly jinxed myself on allowing this premature congratulation....
Seconds after falling asleep my eldest child woke crying because he had a runny nose. It took 45 minutes to cajole him back into bed whilst keeping my cool as he wouldn't let me do anything to make the situation better. All very stressful but hey, midnight and I'm back in bed. Awake on dummy run at 1.10am, 1.45am, 2.15am, 2.45am and then up till 3.15am due to my youngest gnashers. All in a days (actually nights) work as a parent. 5.25am alarm goes off-yippee. Tired but the thought of not sorting the kids breakfast, earning some dosh from our junk and ticking off the final to do of the weekend is spurring me on. 6.30am queuing patiently to set up my paste table. I've got my strange tasting travel mug coffee, the sun is shining, all is good. Finally I'm next in, the high vis man has other plans; 'sorry love, it's full'. I stare at him in disbelief. I propose to him he's joking but he confirms he's not. Mind racing, I suggest that I could set up on the pavement opposite. He suggests that this could/would result in me being arrested. Ummmm, a few hours in a cell of alone time.... 9.30am and I've been home 2 hours. After reminding my husband that he needs to keep his beady eye on the little one while I write the shopping list he suggests that I photocopy my list each week. This causes me to announce that I'm off to bed and he can revert back to plan A as I wasn't supposed to be here ANYWAY. 10.50am not sure I slept but feel better. The house is quiet...youngest sleeping, eldest watching TV, result. I take this opportunity to write my list and empty the carbootie crap back into the garage. 12.15pm start lunch for kiddies and begin to feel uneasy about the afternoon ahead. Kinda forgotten that whilst the husband is out biking I've both children to entertain with stingy eyes and zero energy. 12.30pm eldest flatly refuses to eat lunch and decides screaming while running round the house about his runny nose is the best course of action. 1pm husband rides off. 1.30pm consider my options, I need to go to the supermarket but my eldest is still in his PJ's sporadically crying about his runny nose. Opt 1/Force him into clothes, car then supermarket. Opt 2/Text sis-in-law to see if she can come over while I go. No joy with opt 2 so freezer tea it is. 3.15pm while youngest and eldest excitedly trash youngest's bedroom I get some ironing done. 4pm husband arrives back home to eldest screaming/crying about his runny nose.
Our household isn't normally like that. I usually have the skills, wit and patience to combat my boisterous, mischievous boys. Take away my sleep and that's the result, disarmed and totally owned by a 1 and 5 yr old. Scary to think that's all it takes, lets hope they don't catch on to my need for sleep.

Outside playing in my PJ's and mums too knackered to care, la la la la la la

Friday, 15 April 2016

Grumpy Old Woman & Arrrghhh Moment

Happy Friday :)

As I listen to the office girls complain 'I'm so tired, I can't wait to get home tonight, I didn't sleep well' I keep quiet. Previously I would roll my eyes, snort (yes actually snort) and trot out the line 'You don't know what tired is' then proceed to reel off my after work time line of mum, boring grown up duties and occasional middle of the night activity. Looking totally unimpressed and uninterested the girls would roll their eyes back at me and simply say 'You chose to have kids'. Ouch, harsh but true. Rather than become the grumpy old woman I decided to sit back and wait... Now my time has come, we have a baby due!!! Congratulations my dear young co-worker, you chose to have kids!! Hee Hee

#Arrrghhh Moment
My youngest has developed a love of our dustpan and brush. This has now progressed into a love of watching me use it. He obviously feels I don't use it enough. He's started to create new opportunities for the dustpan and brush to be needed. Mainly throwing soil all over the kitchen floor so I decided to let him take charge after the 50th time

Friday, 8 April 2016

Talk to Me & Dry Knees

Happy Friday :)

'Sales' can conjure up thoughts of pushy, untrustworthy, do what they can to get the deal people. Sadly there are still people like that. There is another side to sales though, the side I'd like to think I'm on. To be a good, long lasting sales person you need to be organised, self motivated and thick skinned. I'm simply a people person who genuinely likes to help others. Finding new business is one of the most rewarding but one of the trickest tasks. Getting through the minefield of resistance. No name policies, send an email, said person being asked if they're there and them saying no (duh) may put some off but it only makes me try harder to reach the unreachable. It took me two years to get one client to start using the hotel. When they did they said how glad they were. Take the call, that sales person may just have something that can benefit you.

I got to thinking of some of the things that I have to live with at the moment. These are just a few of the unexpected ones;
Dry Knees. After several times of waxing paper getting stuck to said area the beautician suggested I shave my knees. We concurred this was a by product of lack of me time. More precisely no lazy bubble baths.
Re microwaved drinks. I have a no more than 3 times rule, after that its down the sink.
Behind the times. I've never been a follower of fashion so that remains the same. However pre children I did enjoy a good TV series. True blood, Walking Dead, Modern Family loved them but I now live in a time warp were they are all frozen at series 3.
Feeling vulnerable. Stories of abuse, missing children, freak accidents, illnesses turn me into a blubbering wreck. Thoughts of how I would cope (or more realistically wouldn't) take hold.
A comforting thought is in three years time (ish) bubble baths will return, I'll catch up on all the TV snuggled up with a warm drink. I know however that as my little boys change to big boys, big boys to teenagers and teenagers to men my vulnerability will always remain. It will be interesting however to see what unexpected things I have to live with....

Friday, 1 April 2016

The Gift of Experience

Happy Friday :)

Lovely week off work so an over indulgent post on the kiddiewinks.

When our first child reached around 2.5 years old and some sense of normality had started to resume, our thoughts turn to how we wanted our family to progress. As work hard, play hard people we loved our little boy, being parents and all that it brings but we also valued our own lives as individuals and a couple not just being a mummy and daddy. After countless conversations each one never resulting in a definite answer we agreed to let nature decide and here we are with two amazing sons. When I gave birth to our second son my husband said "I'm so glad we decided on a number two, I feel like our family is now complete" So in hindsight having our second bundle of joy was definitely the right move for us. The most unexpected part that I cherish on a daily basis is being able to be a mum with the precious gift of experience.

Your first baby will always be very special. First pregnancy test, first doctors appointment, first scan, first congratulations. The preparation stage is lovely as you leisurely browse the baby shops, cat nap, indulge in lazy weekends whilst imagining meeting your new bundle of joy. Day dreaming about the exciting life changing adventure that lies ahead. As a new mum I spent much of my first year anxious, searching for reasons, answers, feeling elated then deflated, winning then losing. My new 'job' was the most important I'd ever had but which I was the least qualified, with no previous experience just unconditional love and enthusiasm (most of the time). I used Google possibly 50+ times a day, argued with my mum that 1-3pm was 3 hrs and constantly questioned my decisions leaving me a good 70% of the time feeling out of my depth and unsure.

Second time round and I felt totally different. Here I was again but this time qualified with experience and most importantly, confident I could do the job. Although the preparation stage isn't quite as magical, those lovely lazy weekends, cat naps and leisurely browses are long gone. But you have the one golden nugget, piece de resistance that new mums don't, experience. Seventeen months in and for me this time round as been a much more happier, relaxed and enjoyable affair. I've barely been in touch with google. I know the tricks of the trade and that when the teething starts it will end. I cherish each moment even those that at the time don't seem so kind because I know it won't last forever. So if you're contemplating your next step after your first take comfort that you've done the hard slog. Second time round you'll refer back to your own top tips, armed with the gift of experience you too can be a SSTM (Smug Second Time Mum)