Saturday, 26 March 2016

Age ain't nothing but a number

Happy Friday :)

In the office I am the eldest of six females, the youngest born in 1995. Which I thought (hoped) made her about 12, but apparently not :(  Since becoming a mum not having the funds, time, inclination or preferred body shape keeps me away from the shops unless something gets a hole in it. So in preparation for a rare mums night out I decided to take advantage of my youthful co workers shopping prowess to purchase a new outfit. Aimed with top tips it was a surprising success. I even managed to stick to; No, you're not allowed to buy anything from Next and you don't need a coat, just drink more. However, the one thing that nearly defeated me was purchasing a pair of tights. In one shop there were 9 different types, I use the word different very loosely as I suspect they actually all do the same job. Secret slimming, Energising, Body sensor, Body sculpting etc etc. I opted for the black ones in my size. Which happened to also (apparently) keep me warm when cold and cool when warm? WTF happened whilst I've been away...

One of the best qualities about kids is their truthfulness. Although I could have done without it this week when my eldest without any prompting decided to inform staff at Jump about our conversation in the car.
"My mummy has told me to say I'm 6 if you ask me, but I'm not I'm 5. She's trying to trick you"
Thank you ever so much for that, I will remember this moment when I'm preparing your tea tonight. Anyone for sprout and cabbage soup??

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  1. This blog made me laugh out loud. From the mouth of babes:)