Friday, 4 March 2016

Here I am....

Finally, nearly 17 months after the birth of my second son I write my first blog!! With good intentions I started an offline blog (aka diary) 14 months ago which I only managed to keep going (sporadically) for 4 months and that's being generous! I'm guessing this signals that life is heading back towards an even keel, the whirlwind of newbornness has gone and I have a few moments of me time to enjoy writing.

I have Fridays 'off' (husband's words not mine) with my youngest so the plan is to blog whilst he is sleeping. That's me putting it out there, to the world (well at the moment just to me..) all best laid plans but that's the aim, weekly blog and if I'm really on fire maybe some bits in-between.

Not the most profound or humerous start but a start non the less. Keeping the bar low so the only way is up plus I really wanted to see what my first blog actually looks like!! VIP I am
Very Impatient Person ;)

1 comment:

  1. Loved reading your blogs, looking forward to reading more very soon:)